Problems in Forced Import Substitution: Industry Achievements and Challenges

Back to the program 23 June 10:15 — 11:45 Conference Hall №4

Support for the domestic manufacturers of medical devices, equipment and materials has always been and remains a critical issue for the state. The sudden problems with the supply of foreign products have turned the current long-term import substitution plan into an urgent and high-priority task, the solution to which will directly affect viability of the whole industry. At the moment, not all foreign products have Russian-made substitutes. In the opinion of the medical community, which area of the industry needs Russian products most? What additional steps are required for implementing breakthrough solutions in the industry? What are domestic manufacturers most concerned about, given the current situation? 

Issues to be discussed:

1.     Current results on import substitution in the industry

2.     What do all players – government, businesses and doctors – think about the implementation of import substitution?

3.     What measures (financial, organizational, regulatory) need to be taken to support the industry further?

4.     Are there any barriers to the interaction between scientific schools and businesses?


Spector Viktor Semenovich
Spector Viktor Semenovich

Head of the business program of the EOF